Adult Amateur Handler (10-14-17)Baby Green Hunter (10-14-17)Candids (10-14-17)Get of Sire (10-14-17)Grand Champion Three Year Old Pony & Reserve (10-14-17)Grand Champion Two Year Old Horse & Reserve 910-14-17)Grand Champion Two Year Old Pony & Reserve (10-14-17)Grand Champion Weanling & Reserve 910-14-17)Grand Champion Weanling Pony & Reserve 910-14-17)Grand Champion Yearling Horse & Reserve (10-14-17)Grand Champion Yearling Pony & Reserve (10-14-17)Mares Suitable to Produce (10-14-17)PA Bred Pony Weanling (10-14-17)PA Bred Pony Yearling (10-14-17)PA Bred Two Year Old Horse 910-14-17)PA Bred Two Year Old Pony (10-14-17)PA Bred Weanling & Weanling Colt Jackpot (10-14-17)PA Bred Yearling Horse (10-14-17)Pony Mares Suitable to Produce (10-14-17)Produce of Dam & Breeder's Group (10-14-17)Three Year Old Pony Filly (10-14-17)Two Year Old Colt Horse (10-14-17)Two Year Old Filly Horse 910-14-17)Two Year Old Pony Colt (10-14-17)Two Year Old Pony Filly (10-14-17)Weanling Filly Jackpot (10-14-17)Weanling Filly Jackpot 910-14-17)Weanling Pony Colt Jackpot (10-14-17)Yearling Horse Colt Jackpot (10-14-17)Yearling Horse Filly Jackpot (10-14-17)Yearling Pony Filly Jackpot (10-14-17)Young Hunter Horse-Pony (10-14-17)