DAD Born In The USA (9-27-17)DAD Candids (9-27-17)DAD Class 201 Four YO and Older Maiden Mares (9-27-17)DAD Class 202 Four YO and Older Broodmares (9-27-17)DAD Class 203 Four YO Yeld Mares (9-27-17)DAD Class 204 Four YO and Older Stallions (9-27-17)DAD Class 205 Mare Championship (9-27-17)DAD Class 206 Stallion Championship (9-27-17)DAD Class 207 Mature Horse Championship (9-27-17)DAD Class 208 Grand Championship (9-27-17)DAD Class 209 USDF DSHB Mare Final (9-27-17)DAD Class 210 USDF DSHB Stallion Final (9-27-17)DAD Class 211 USDFBC 4-5 YO Materiale Championship (9-27-17)DAD Class 212 Adult Amateur Handler (9-27-17)DAD Class 213 Youth Handler (9-27-17)DAD Class 214 Produce of Dam (9-27-17)DAD Class 215 Git of Sire (9-27-17)DAD Class 216 Breeder's Group (9-27-17)DAD Class 217 Four YO and Older Mares Under Saddle (9-27-17)DAD Class 218 Four YO and Older Stallions-Geldings Under Saddle (9-27-17)DAD Class 219 Four YO Mares Materiale (9-27-17)DAD Class 220 Five YO Mares Materiale (9-27-17)DAD Class 221 Four YO Stallions & Geldings Materiale (9-27-17)DAD Class 222 Five YO Stallions & Geldings Materiale (9-27-17)