3YO Prospect Award (9-26-17)Candids (9-26-17)Class 101 Fillies of Currect Year (9-26-17)Class 102 Colts-Geldings of Current Year (9-26-17)Class 103 Yearling Fillies (9-26-17)Class 104 Yealing Colts-Geldings (9-26-17)Class 105 2YO Fillies (9-26-17)Class 106 2YO Colts-Geldings (9-26-17)Class 107 3YO Fillies (9-26-17)Class 108 3YO Colts-Geldings (9-26-17)Class 109 Foal Championship (9-26-17)Class 110 Filly Championship (9-26-17)Class 111 Colt-Gelding Championship (9-26-17)Class 112 Young Horse Championship (9-26-17)Class 113 USDFBC USDF Currect Year Foal Fina (9-26-17)Class 114 USDFBC East Coast Filly Final (9-26-17)Class 115 USDFBC Colt-Gelding Final (9-26-17)Class 116 USDFBC 3YO Fillies Under Saddle (9-26-17)Class 117 3YO Fillies Under Saddle (9-26-17)Class 118 3YO Colts-Geldings Under Saddle (9-26-17)Class 119 3YO Filly Materiale (9-26-17)Class 120 3YO Colts-Geldings Materiale (9-26-17)